Webinar on demand: How Open Platforms Are Enabling Additive Applications

Collaborating for Innovation: How Open Platforms and Technology Enable The Next Generation of Additive Applications

Historically, photopolymers have been slow and expensive to develop for vat polymerization technologies; coupled with inadequate performance and high margins, their use in high volume applications are limited.

New business models, open print technology and advancements in chemistry are accelerating material development and opening up new production applications for additive. Origin and Covestro are combining chemistry expertise, advanced print technology and an economical cost model.

In this webinar, Origin and Covestro discuss:

  • Photopolymer development for SLA and DLP technologies
  • Benefits in open vs closed systems for material development
  • Speeding up iteration cycles through collaboration and the development of Somos® QuickGen 500
  • Programmable photopolymerization
  • What’s next for the photopolymer industry

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