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Elgin IL , US, 25 Sep 2014 16:00 CEST

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, introduces Somos® Precise, the latest material for 3D Printing that is designed to create parts and patterns for high temperature applications requiring exceptional detail resolution. In addition, patterns made with Somos Precise display high levels of dimensional stability even under high humidity conditions.

Two new materials developed with Somos technology will be launched at EuroMold and available for use in DLP (Digital Light Processing) machines operating at 365 nm (nanometers), including the Prodways’ DLP mobile machines. These materials were designed to have the same level of performance as the category leading Somos 355nm stereolithography materials. This high level of performance is moving the 365nm technology platform into industrial applications for automotive, aerospace, electronics and consumer goods.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a cutting-edge company like Prodways,” says Ms. Melissa Hayes, Business Director Somos. “We look forward to our continuing our commitment to innovation through this partnership.”

“Somos has always produced game-changing materials for stereolithography technology,” says Philippe Laude, Managing Director of Prodways. “This partnership will accelerate the development of the 365nm technology platform by providing the industry with the best-in-class products to make future innovations a reality.”

Fine detail and accuracy is a critical need for parts in the invisible dental aligners market. Wuxi Epoch Angel develops and manufactures products for this market using stereolithography, a distinct and unique type of 3D Printing.

“Somos Precise meets all the requirements for optimizing our process of manufacturing invisible dental aligners,” says Ms. Li Huamin, CEO Wuxi Epoch Angel. “The dental molds made with Somos Precise display a high level of accuracy which is key for producing our aligners. The introduction of Somos Precise allows us to greatly improve the reliability of our product and enhance production efficiency by 10 to 15%.”

“We are excited to work with our customers to unlock new applications and optimize their processes,” says Jasper van Dieten-Blom, Global Marketing Manager Somos at DSM. “We continue to collaborate with our customers and explore opportunities to develop new applications and innovative materials to  drive the 3D Printing Industry forward.”

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