Aerospace, Marine & Railway

High-performance additive materials for transportation applications

Re-imagining and redesigning applications for transportation OEMs

In the aerospace, marine and railway industries, additive manufacturing is ideal for producing prototypes and functional parts for testing, as well as tough, durable end-use components and spare parts. Plus, 3D printing offers time and cost efficiency versus traditional manufacturing. Our high-performance materials for transportation applications are developed with accuracy and durability top of mind. This means creating parts and components that are robust enough to withstand mechanical load and severe environmental conditions that planes, boats and trains are exposed to.

Our most popular materials for Aerospace

UL Blue Card certified, non-halogenated, environmentally friendly filament for applications requiring flame retardancy.

Game-changing material combining the accuracy of stereolithography with the look, feel and performance of a thermoplastic.

Charcoal-colored stereolithography material packing thermal and mechanical performance.

How customers use our material

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation 3D prints router guides

Stronger, more durable router guides were created using additive manufacturing.

World-leading marine engine manufacturer Mercury Marine improves engine technology using 3D printed prototype

Ran 20 prototype modifications with new-part turnaround in one week and teste prototype on production engine in sea trials

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