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Rethink automotive design and production

Using additive manufacturing, world’s leading automotive and motorsports manufacturers are rethinking design and production, producing spare parts faster and more efficiently and producing high-quality small series automotive components and tooling without expensive injection molding techniques. With our 25 years+ 3D printing expertise and high performing materials, we help those in the automotive and motorsports industries create lighter, greener, more durable components with less waste and at a lower cost. 

Our most popular materials for automotive & motorsports

Addigy® is one of the first PBT powder commercially available for laser sintering, well-known material with dielectric properties, ideal for small series, industrial production.

Somos® PerFORM Reflect was developed for 3D printing parts for wind tunnel testing with PIV, this stereolithography material reduces post-processing by more than 30%.

Addigy® G4001 GF is a partially bio-based PA410 polymer that delivers on performance and sustainability. A 3D printing optimized version of the same material as used in their end-use parts, for structural parts and tooling.


How customers use our material

3D printing replacement parts for Dakar rally car in the middle of the desert

Amid the heat and sand of the Saudi Arabian desert, Covestro 3D printing materials and MakerBot technology aided UK motorsports company, Prodrive, as it produced end-use parts for its 2021 Dakar Rally racing car.

Winning rallies with 3D printing

Jari-Matti Latvala, Finnish rally driver and entrepreneur, made the decision to invest in 3D printing by purchasing a miniFactory Ultra 3D printer. 

BAC Mono R supercar transformed with additive manufacturing

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) collaborated with Covestro to improve the performance and design of the Mono R. Together, the companies built a lighter and less expensive Formula 1-inspired ram-air inlet system, improved the aerodynamic design of its custom-made mirror brackets and created durable steering wheels with custom grips.

3D printing cuts injection mold production costs by thousands of dollars

Global automotive parts manufacturer makes new product design and development more flexible and reduces time-to-market by up to six months by 3D printing his tools instead of injection molding

3D printed parts for classic Ducati superbikes

Motorbike specialists use 3D printing to rebuild Ducati 998 RS superbikes.

Driver experience, ergonomics and performance improved with additive manufacturing

The award-winning McGill Formula Electric race car features a light, ergonomic 3D printed dashboard.

Classic car enthusiast solves spare parts dilemma

Wolfs Engineering utilized 3D printing to restore a 1970s Classic Mini. 

Accelerating design changes with 3D printing

Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing utilized additive manufacturing to quickly make design changes to their supercar.

Difficulty finding spare parts

Custom Prototypes worked with an exotic car dealer to print replacement parts for a rare Renault Spider.

Vattenfall Solar Team overcome weight and aerodynamic challenges with additive manufacturing

7x solar car race champions turned to 3D printing to develop car light covers while maintaining a light weight and aerodynamic vehicle.

Race team reduced car weight by 5% with 3D printing

Racing team, Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing, utilized 3D printing to improve performance and compete against petrol vehicles.

High durability and accuracy for aerodynamic car

TMG used 3D printing for functional testing and end-use parts on the GT86 car. 

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