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Our PBT powder, Arnite® T AM1210 (P), has all the characteristics you’re looking for in a material optimized for industrial production.

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With 3D printing, we’re on the verge of re-designing cars as well as the entire automotive industry. Each day, we’re improving production of high-quality automotive components and tooling, eliminating expensive, slow processes. And designs that were not possible before! 

Material and process for industrial 3D printing

Materials innovation is a key ingredient in pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. That’s why we work continuously to optimize materials that are widely used in the automotive industry for 3D printing.

Our PBT powder, Arnite® T AM1210 (P), has all the characteristics you’re looking for in a material optimized for industrial production. With excellent dielectric properties, it boasts improved dimensional stability due to lower moisture uptake and has re-use rates of up to 60%, further limiting material waste in your production processes. Intrigued? Learn more

Collaborating across the value chain

We know 3D printing is a complex world. That is why we collaborate with many partners across the 3D printing value chain to provide you the optimal combination of 3D printing materials, insights and experts to match your application needs.

3D printing changes the automotive industry

Our Automotive expert Patrick Duis talks about the recent 3D printing trends in the automotive market.

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