Covid-19 – Let’s Act

Bringing together designs and resources for people looking to help alleviate supply issues


UNITE4COVID is a collaborative marketplace that offers approved solutions for fighting the virus, sourced from around the globe, and serves as a space to develop new solutions

Covid-19 is disrupting supply chains and causing shortages for hospitals and healthcare workers worldwide. This page brings together designs and resources for people looking to help alleviate the supply issues using 3D printing technology.

Designs & Materials


Below is a list of designs and applications that the 3D printing community has been working on. For full details of applications as well as guidance from our materials experts on the ideal materials for the applications, please click here. And send us your designs to be added.

  • Hands-free door opener
  • Safe grabber for door handle
  • Plastic face shield to cover full face
  • Face shield
  • Mouth mask
  • Face mask
  • Face masks
  • Connector to create breathing device
  • Venturi valve for Venturi Oxygen Mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Touch pods for fingers
  • Pincers for collecting food/vegetables in grocery store


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Other initiatives


The production of medical applications are subject to very strict requirements and certifications. This includes the choice of material to 3D print with. While the current emergency may allow exceptions (please check!), certain requirements and certifications are still needed. Below is a selection of resources (albeit not exhaustive). Please work with your partners for the required testing and certifications.

(1) We are listing 3rd party designs crediting the designer. In the essence of time, we may not yet have reached out to the designer. If (s)he does not wish their design to be included, we will remove upon simple request. Designs may not have been certified by any regulatory agency.

(2) Description of properties the material should have, and elements printers should consider. Covestro material names are given as examples. We’d be happy to add other material references upon request. Covestro makes no representation or warranty for any conclusion as to the fitness for use in any particular application (purpose), nor accepts any liability in respect of this purpose. This summary does not prevent customers from, nor replaces accomplishment of all relevant testing pursuant legal and regulatory requirements.

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