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Application and Material Requirements (Please read text at bottom)

Application Designed by Part/material requirements Suggested DSM material Alternative material
Hands-free door opener Materialise Attachment for opening door without using arm. Strong material needed, should not break under force of arm. Easy to clean. Tumbling parts as post treatment for extra smooth surface. Arnite® T AM1210 (P) PBT, Novamid® ID1030-CF10 PA12, PLA, ABS, other nylon
Safe grabber for door handle   Hook-like device to open doors, push elevator door buttons. Stiff and strong material needed, part should not flex when opening door.  Arnite® T AM1210 (P) PBT, Novamid® ID1030 CF10, Novamid® ID1070  PLA, ABS, PETG, PA12, PA11, nylons, Ultem®
Plastic face shield to cover full face  Prusa Material should resist perspiration. Porous material could give more comfort. Should be easy to clean. Can be somewhat flexible. Arnite® T AM1210 (P) PBT, Novamid® ID1030, Arnite® ID3040 PA12, PLA, ABS, other nylon, PETG
Face shield Canadian ER worker
Dr. Tarek Loubani
Mouth mask Twikit Make sure to use a material certified/approved for skin contact* (like Arnitel® ID2045) to facilitate certification. Should fit comfortably: material should be flexible enough to follow shape of face. TPU will not breath (sweat). Due to TPU printing behavior, printed part will have higher porosity.
*Contact us if you want help with certification.
Arnitel® ID2045 Arnitel® ID2045
Connector to create breathing device Isinnova Stiffness and dimensional stability are key! Stiff for improved fit. Flexible so it can be pulled like a sleeve for snug fit. Should be air tight/no leachables in air. Arnitel®ID2045 is already used in breathing tubes. Novamid® ID1030 CF10, Arnitel® ID2045 PLA, ABS, PETG, nylon, TPU
Venturi valve for Venturi Oxygen Mask     Arnitel® ID2045, Novamid® 1030, Somos® Bioclear, Somos® Taurus ABS, Nylon, Ultem®, PA12
Safety goggles   Material should be stiff to hold in place the PMMA/PC glass part. Needs to withstand force of band when tightening. Use a material that takes up water so it is more flexible. Novamid® ID1030, Arnitel® ID2045 PLA, ABS, PETG, PA12 (already used for glasses)
Finger guards   Device to wear on a finger to push elevator button etc. without touching. Material should be able to withstand compression. Fit finger like a glove without stretching as result of printing.  Softer material will increase the feel of pressing buttons. Not likely to work on touch screens. Arnitel® ID2045, Arnitel® ID2060-HT if you want it stiffer, Novamid® ID1030, Somos® Taurus, Somos® bioclear PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PA12, nylon
Pincers   Ideal for picking up food or other items at stores. Should be easy to clean (don't use overly porous material). Material should be stiff. Minimal flex when picking up an object.  Novamid® ID1070 Arnite® ID3040,  Novamid® ID1030 (in decreasing stiffness order). Any of the Somos® materials due to their stiffness PLA, ABS, PETG, nylon

(1) DSM makes no representation or warranty for any conclusion as to the fitness for use in any particular application (purpose), nor accepts any liability in respect of this purpose. This summary does not prevent customer from, nor replaces accomplishment of all relevant testing pursuant legal and regulatory requirements.

Please make sure to check and adhere to the guidelines for 3D printing parts during the COVID-19 pandemic:

We are listing 3rd party designs crediting the designer. In the essence of time, we may not yet have reached out to the designer. If (s)he does not wish their design to be included, we will remove upon simple request. Designs may not have been certified by any regulatory agency.

This table lists description of properties the material should have, and elements printers should consider. DSM material names are given as example. We’d be happy to add other material references upon request. 

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