Jigs & Fixtures

Improve production efficiency with 3D printed tools 

Produce strong, reliable jigs & fixtures on demand

For jigs and fixtures that help stabilize products during the manufacturing process, our materials and application expertise helps you produce the shape and size you need, in a short amount of time so you can keep your production line running smoothly.

Our most popular materials for jigs & fixtures

PA6/66 easy-to-print filament for strong, ductile parts suitable for harsh environments.

Carbon fiber filled PA6/66 copolymer filament for 3D printing durable structural parts with high dimensional stability and no warpage.

Durable stereolithography material that produces accurate, highly detailed parts with easy finishing.

How customers use our material

Custom end-of-arm tooling transformed with 3D printing

BDI Additive, JuggerBot 3D and Covestro utilized 3D printing to transform end-of-arm tooling and make manufacturing customizable, faster and low cost.

How can we help?

Get in touch with our experts to discuss how Covestro can help you tap into the full potential of additive manufacturing.