Put your prototypes to the test with Covestro materials

Quickly develop multiple designs at a lower cost

Speed up your new product concept development and functional prototyping and save time and cost. We bring years of experience helping companies accurately develop multiple design iterations as well as functional prototypes. Transparency, high heat resistance, durability – we have a material to suit every prototyping and functional testing scenario.

Our most popular materials for prototyping

How customers use our material

MGS proves 3D printed prototype tools can handle high-performance

3D printed tool delivered high cost savings and decreased production time.

Eagle Design utilizes Somos® materials to help produce dairy cleaning heads

Dairy farmer moves from prototyping to production faster with additive manufacturing. 

Amloid cut time to market with 3D printing prototyping

Toy maker triples sales, gains market share and accelerates manufacturing with 3D printing.

Yazaki increases production with 3D printing

A global automotive supplier improved production, grew revenue and increased competitive advantage with additive manufacturing by shortening prototype turnaround. 

Engineering students test 3D printed automotive parts

University of Connecticut’s Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) race team reduced manufacturing time by printing and testing with Somos® PerFORM.

Rapid tooling sped up with 3D printing

MCi increased efficiency with stereolithography.

3D printing transforms speed, cost and quality of rapid prototyping

MGS and Realize cut prototyping time from 15 to five days, cut costs by up to 30% and improved new product development.

Roush Yates utilizes additive manufacturing for engine functional prototype

Somos WaterShed XC 11122 used to create intake manifold prototype due to its accuracy for form, strength of machinability for fit and superior clarity while testing functionality. 

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