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Making personalized and customized sports and lifestyle products a reality

With our breadth of additive manufacturing materials for a variety of technologies, we help you bring customized, personalized sports and lifestyle products to your consumers. From bespoke footwear to sports body protection and more, we help brands achieve their goals. Not only does 3D printing benefit sports players, additive manufacturing also helps sports and lifestyle companies increase production efficiency and cut costs.  

Our most popular materials for sports & lifestyle

Rich feature detail and dimensional stability with printing efficiency without compromising on surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

Game-changing material combining the accuracy of stereolithography with the look, feel and performance of a thermoplastic.

Bio-based thermoplastic copolyester suitable for a broad range of soft, highly flexible applications.


How customers use our material

Customized protective mouthguards

Arno Hermans, founder of 3Dmouthguard, Covestro and Mass Portal collaborate to create 3D printed mouthguards with Arnitel material that is safe for use in the oral cavity.

3D printing helps global shoemaker cut time-to-market by up to 1/3

Switching from CNC tooling to 3D printing saved a global footwear manufacturer time and cost.

Stereolithography prototype withstands professional field testing

Warrior Sports used additive manufacturing to produce lacrosse head prototypes.

Lightweight arm pads for time trial bike used during Tour de France

The collaboration between Covestro and Team Sunweb has delivered numerous groundbreaking innovations to the world of cycling. This year, 3D printed arm pads were developed to enable the Team Sunweb riders to adopt a more aerodynamic and comfortable cycling position. With 3D printing, the pads were kept lightweight, adding minimal weight to the bike to minimize resistance and maximize performance.

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