Fused filament fabrication (FFF)

We offer fused filament fabrication (fused deposition modeling or FDM) materials for a variety of applications.

3D printing materials for fused filament fabrication

Fused filament fabrication is a 3D printing process that uses a continuous filament of thermoplastic material fed through a heated printer extruder head and deposited to form layers. Typically, the extruder head moves in two dimensions, creating one layer at a time before adjusting vertically to begin a new layer. Fused filament fabrication benefits include having a large variety of materials to choose from, fast printing time and multiple printer manufacturers. Printing using fused filament fabrication is quite flexible and the technology allows small overhangs using the support from lower layers.

Three reasons to work with us

Backed by our large engineering materials portfolio

Bringing more than 85 years of application knowledge

Fast track product development

Faster product development and/or small production batches

Covestro now offers fast and market-driven product development to customers looking for materials to match their existing product portfolio and production processes. As part of an agreement with Clariant, Covestro hired part of their team – who brings their proven, dedicated, highly flexible and high-speed compounding setup to develop product tweaks. In addition, Covestro offers the possibility of small production batches to accommodate customer needs.

Product range

Arnite® ID3040

High heat resistance, dimensional stability, outstanding strength and excellent processing characteristics.

Arnitel® ID2045

Bio-based thermoplastic copolyester suitable for a broad range of soft, highly flexible applications.

Arnitel® ID2060 HT

TPC that resists high temperature and chemicals.                                                                        

Novamid® AM1030 FR (F)

UL Blue Card certified PA6/66. Non-halogenated, environmentally friendly, open platform solution.

Novamid® ID1030

PA6/66 for durable applications requiring good mechanical properties .                                                                                     

Novamid® ID1030 CF10

PA6/66 for structural parts and industrial production.                                                                                                                                 

Novamid® ID1070

PA6 for high temperature resistant applications in harsh environments.                                                                                          

The right material for your application

Materials strong and rigid, or soft and flexible, Covestro Additive Manufacturing has a breadth of materials to meet a variety of application needs – with more in development.

Looking to add 3D printing to your business?

Covestro and JuggerBot 3D offer two programs for industrial-grade filament and pellet 3D printing applications using high performance materials. 

How can we help?

Contact our experts to discuss how Covestro can help you tap into the full potential of additive manufacturing.