Addigy® F1070

Filament for high temperature resistant applications subject to harsh environments

Suitable for harsh environments 

Addigy® F1070 is an engineering grade PA6 filament with excellent layer-to-layer adhesion and good mechanical properties, suitable for harsh environments. The filament is optimized for ductility and stiffness, has good mechanical properties and offers high interlayer strength. Addigy® F1070 was originally developed as a specialty product to meet the demand for high service levels in the automotive and electronic industries. Addigy® F1070 is a very ductile, strong polymer suitable for harsh environments and high temperatures (up to 150°C).


  • Air intake parts, door handles, engine covers, radiator grills
  • Circuit breakers, connectors, tubes for wiring, cable protectors
  • Ski binders

Product Features

  • Engineered material optimized for ductility and stiffness
  • Parts with high inter-layer strength durable parts with good mechanical properties
  • Unique Covestro co-polyamide technology
  • High temperature resistant material up to 150°C
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Available in black and white, 2.85 and 1.75 diameters

How customers use our material

Classic car enthusiast solves spare parts dilemma

Wolfs Engineering utilized 3D printing to restore a 1970s Classic Mini. 

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