Novamid® ID1030

Easy to print filament for durable applications requiring good mechanical properties


Easy-to-print pure polyamide 6/66 for durable applications

Novamid® ID1030 for fused filament fabrication (FFF) produces parts almost indistinguishable from those produced with standard injection molding. The open system filament material is a pure polyamide 6/66 and the base material was originally developed by Covestro Engineering Materials experts for demanding specialty applications often subjected to harsh environments and high temperatures (up to 125°C).

Optimized to 3D print easily, Novamid® ID1030 brings a unique combination of properties, including outstanding stiffness and ductility, across a range of applications - from transportation, to sports and electronics. The optimized crystallization profile improves fusion, enabling parts with excellent interlayer strength and high surface quality.


  • Electronics – Benchtop assembly jigs, custom parts specific storage
  • Transportation
  • Sports & lifestyle

Product Features

  • Easy to print polyamide filament
  • Great starter material
  • Optimized for ductility and strength
  • Suitable for harsh environments and temperatures up to 125˚C
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Colors: available in natural, green, black and white
  • Diameters: 2.85 and 1.75

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