Fused Granulate Fabrication

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Engineering-grade materials for pellet printing

Fused granulate fabrication is a 3D printing method in which granular plastics are melted and fed through a nozzle onto a platform. The nozzle can be changed to output more or less plastic and at different speeds. These variables can mean faster printing speeds or finer details. After each layer is printed, the printing platform is lowered, allowing the next layer to be added. A supporting structure can be printed when needed.

Post processing of fused granulate fabrication printed pieces allow for a smooth surface. Ideal for large scale applications, fused granulate fabrication printers have been created to print products several meters high, wide and long.

Covestro continues to develop industrial thermoplastics to add to our portfolio, creating more solutions for various application needs and requirements.

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Product range

Arnite® AM8527 (G)

For tools and large size structural components for varied industries such as automotive and construction.

Arnilene® AM6001GF (G)

Engineering-grade PP optimized for FGF 3D printing                                                                    

EcoPaXX® AM4001 GF (G)

Bio-based PA410 polymer that delivers on performance and sustainability, for structural parts and tooling in the same material as your final parts.

Arnite® AM2001 GF (G)

A glass-fiber filled post-consumer recycled PET that brings structural performance at lower carbon footprint.

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Greg Costantino (Covestro) and Zac DiVencenzo (JuggerBot 3D) dive into the performance, processing, and applications of high-strength FGF Nylon composites.

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Covestro and JuggerBot 3D offer two programs for industrial-grade filament and pellet 3D printing applications using high performance materials. 

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Materials strong and rigid, or soft and flexible, Covestro Additive Manufacturing has a breadth of materials to meet a variety of application needs – with more in development.

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