Addigy® G4001 GF

Bio-based PA410 polymer for fused granulate fabrication

Excellent mechanical and thermal properties, high chemical resistance and low moisture uptake

Addigy® G4001 GF is the first 3D printing polymer for fused granulate fabrication (pellet printing) based on Covestro's established bio-based engineering material. A combination of Covestro's proprietary technology and the power of nature’s building blocks derived from castor oil, Addigy® G4001 GF is ideal for automotive structural parts combining mechanical performance with chemical resistance. As a 3D printing optimized version of the same material as used in their end-use parts, it is a fit-for-purpose material that delivers on performance and sustainability.

Producing automotive tooling and structural parts using additive manufacturing shortens production time and makes geometry or internal structure changes easier as it eliminates steps in the production process. As such, it can reduce cost throughout the entire product lifecycle, from component production and assembly, to vehicle testing and low volume vehicle production. And by using sustainable polymers for metal replacement, car manufacturers can meet two sustainability goals at once: lower emissions standards by building lightweight cars and reduce manufacturing carbon footprint.


  • Structural lightweight parts for automotive
  • Tooling for production such as jigs & fixtures
  • Components in contact with fuel
  • Components requiring resistance to wear and friction

Product Features

  • >40% bio-based material derived from castor oil which does not compete with food chain
  • Excellent mechanical properties such as high modulus and tensile strength due to low moisture uptake combined with a high crystallinity
  • Excellent thermal and hydrolysis resistance
  • Dimensional stability due to <40% lower moisture uptake vs PA6
  • Highest melting temperature of bio-polyamides (PA)
  • Chemical resistance against harsh fluids 
  • Easy printing and post-processing
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Available in black

How customers use our material

Manufacturing equipment maker cuts production lead time and waste, reduces time to market

T A Systems, a US producer of automated assembly lines and production equipment, reduces material lead times and decreases material waste by up to 50 percent with Covestro and JuggerBot 3D, a 3D printer builder. 

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Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF), also known as pellet 3D printing, is an extrusion-based 3D printing technique where plastic granules (pellets) are melted and fed through a nozzle. Using screw and barrel technology similar to injection molding, pellet 3D printing enables operators to tap into a variety of materials not available for additive manufacturing today while drastically increasing print speeds. These materials can be engineered to increase performance far beyond that of traditional 3D printing materials, as well.

Greg Costantino (Covestro) and Zac DiVencenzo (JuggerBot 3D) dive into the performance, processing, and applications of high-strength FGF Nylon composites.

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