Powder Bed Fusion

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Powder Bed Fusion

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a versatile 3D printing technology, often used for functional prototyping, small-batch production and end-use parts. LS parts can be found in airplanes, wearables, machine components, production tools and more.

With SLS, a laser fuses together polymer powder particles, building a part layer by layer. This print method is best for producing high-accuracy functional prototypes and parts with complex geometries. Since the powder supports the part as it’s printed, no additional supports are needed.

With High Speed Sintering (HSS), a thin layer of loose powder is applied to a building platform. An inkjet print head moves over the entire surface of the platform, depositing an infrared-absorbing fluid directly onto the powder where sintering is desired. The build area is then illuminated with infrared light, fusing the powder under the fluid into a layer.

Three reasons to work with Covestro

Materials ready for industrial production

Experienced material scientists

Backed by our large engineering materials portfolio

Product range

Addigy® P6002

An easy-to-print polypropylene powder

Addigy® P1210

Eco-friendly PBT powder for laser sintering

Addigy® P3001

Soft elastomeric powder which is easy to print

Get your part printed at Shapeways

You can get your part printed on our PBT powder Addigy® P1210 at Shapeways. Below link will take you to the portal site.

The right material for your application

Materials strong and rigid, or soft and flexible, Covestro Additive Manufacturing has a breadth of materials to meet a variety of application needs – with more in development.

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