Addigy® P1210

Eco-friendly PBT powder for laser sintering. Third-party proven production readiness.

Well-known PBT powder with dielectric properties

Addigy® P1210 is the first-ever PBT powder commercially available for selective laser sintering (SLS). The material is the ideal solution for small series production via additive manufacturing in industrial applications requiring electrical insulation such as automotive electronics.

Addigy® P1210 is the first material from Covestro's powder platform, offering customers a well-known material in the industrial sector which can now be considered for small series production of end use parts.

As 3D printing evolves from prototyping to industrial manufacturing, customers need materials such as Addigy® P1210 to meet their stringent demands. Addigy® P1210 has the same dielectric properties as material used in injection molding processes, making it a material engineers are familiar with and prepared to use. And its production readiness has been extensively proven by an independent global manufacturing leader.

Developed for a wide sinter window, the powder is extremely easy to print. Additionally, Addigy® P1210 is environmentally friendly with a high reuse rate and is recyclable to the extent that the material can be brought back to the powder bed process.


  • Connectors
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Lighting

Product Features

  • A well-known material that can be adopted quickly
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Extremely easy to print
  • Improved dimensional stability due to lower moisture uptake
  • Less waste due to >60% reuse rate
  • Recyclable: material can be brought back to the powder bed process without any further handling

How customers use our material

3D printed car tail light modules

Developing new products faster, or producing small series and customized car modules cost-efficiently is now possible with functional materials that provide the right set of properties to your part.

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