Addigy® P3001

Soft elastomeric powder that is easy to print

Soft elastomeric material for SLS printing that combines high energy return with easy printing

Addigy® P3001 is a thermoplastic elastomer material for SLS 3D printing technology that combines high energy return with easy processing. The soft elastomer meets the requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and is pending biocompatibility approval.

Soft, rubber-like polymer materials are widely used in sports and lifestyle such as footwear, sports guards and protective gear. Additive manufacturing is a production technology well suited to the sports and lifestyle market as it allows for cost-efficient personalization and customization. Actual adoption, however, will require availability of materials that combine the right property set with easy printing and a technology that can scale economically.

Typically, soft and elastomeric materials don’t 3D print easily. In Addigy® P3001 for SLS, Covestro material scientists managed to successfully combine both. A Shore Hardness of A88 and D35 with elongation at break of the thermoplastic copolymer (TPC) exhibits a very high energy return - above the 50-60% usually found in footwear materials. The Addigy®  powder designed for SLS printing is easy to process without common side-effects such as odors.

The material will be available for customer evaluation and development early H1, 2022.


  • Footwear
  • Protective gear such as sports guards
  • Consumer goods
  • Components that need to comply with the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC
  • Parts requiring biocompatibility approval (pending)

Product Features

  • One of the softest thermoplastic elastomer materials for SLS printing
  • Energy return level that is much higher than typical footwear materials
  • Excellent elongation at break
  • Easy processing without odors
  • Soft touch and feel
  • Pending biocompatibility approval
  • Higher, continuous use temperature
  • End-user benefits of 3D printed protective mouthguards in Arnitel powder:
    • Better hygiene: parts can be dipped in boiling hot water to clean, without deformation
    • Easier communication on the field in team sports like hockey and rugby
    • 3D scanning rather than plaster bite improving client comfort
    • Aesthetic pleasing parts
  • Can be post-processed for smooth surfaces, including thin wall parts
  • White opaque appearance

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