Addigy® P6002

Food contact approved engineering-grade
PP powder optimized for SLS 3D printing

Increase manufacturing line uptime and production efficiency

Addigy® P6002 is one of the first food-contact approved Polypropylene powder for selective laser sintering (SLS). The material is the ideal solution for jigs, fixtures, end-of-arm-tooling for food packaging applications or small series production via additive manufacturing in industrial applications requiring food contact approval. The SLS 3D printing technology enables food and beverage companies to increase manufacturing line uptime and production efficiency by fast production of production tools. SLS printing provides almost total design freedom, many parts can be built in one go and with a re-use rate of 90%, the material is a extremely sustainable solution compared to alternatives.


  • Applications requiring food contact
  • Food manufacturing line tooling like conveyer belt sprockets, robot grippers
  • Toys with fine features
  • Automotive applications requiring mechanical properties, thermal and chemical resistance like electronics

Product Features

  • Food contact safe
  • Enables extreme design freedom, parts with fine features and designs not possible with traditional manufacturing
  • Improved dimensional stability due to lower moisture uptake
  • Optimized for 3D printing, the material keeps all mechanical, thermal and chemical properties that PP is known for
  • Extremely easy to print
  • Less waste due to 90% reuse rate
  • Recyclable: material can be brought back to the powder bed process without any further handling

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