An all-inclusive leasing program to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing

All-inclusive leasing program

Want to explore 3D printing, but high investment levels are standing in your way? Covestro's TriCollective is the solution you’ve been looking for!

TriCollective, an all-inclusive leasing program, brings together Covestro's top players in its ecosystem to give you the best possible financial and entrepreneurial solution. For a monthly fee, you can lease a printer, material and other services to support your needs.

You can also call upon Covestro experts to help determine which printer and material solution best suits the need or application. TriCollective is available for all technologies in the Covestro ecosystem.

TriCollective helps unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing. By putting our heads together, TriCollective creates new ideas and solutions, shaping the future.

Let’s Manufacture Tomorrow!

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