Somos® PerFORM

The industry reference for composite stereolithography resins

Faster to build, easier to process 

Somos® PerFORM is the material of choice for applications that require strong, stiff, high temperature resistant composite parts. With its excellent high heat tolerance, outstanding detail resolution and stiffness, Somos® PerFORM is the ideal material for a variety of applications including tooling, wind tunnel testing, high temperature testing, electrical casings and automotive housings. With the lowest viscosity of any composite stereolithography material, parts made from Somos® PerFORM are faster to build, easier to post-process clean, possess superior sidewall quality and provide unmatched detail resolution. 


  • Tooling
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • High temperature testing
  • Electrical casings
  • Automotive housings

Product Features

  • Excellent detail resolution
  • Faster, easier processing & finishing
  • Superior high heat tolerance
  • Expanded applications

How customers use our material

Rapid LSR Molding with Somos® PerFORM

In the face of the pandemic, a medical device company turned to Midwest Prototyping and 3D printing to quickly produce parts.

World-leading medical equipment maker improves imaging equipment 

GE Healthcare transformed their product development process resulting in faster prototype production and cost savings of nearly 70%.

3D printing cuts injection mold production costs by thousands of dollars

Global automotive parts manufacturer makes new product design and development more flexible and reduces time-to-market by up to six months by 3D printing his tools instead of injection molding

Engineering students test 3D printed automotive parts

University of Connecticut’s Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) race team reduced manufacturing time by printing and testing with Somos® PerFORM.

MGS proves 3D printed prototype tools can handle high-performance

3D printed tool delivered high cost savings and decreased production time.

Rapid tooling sped up with 3D printing

MCi increased efficiency with stereolithography.

Buying time with 3D printed tooling

Wehl&Partner produced end use parts faster than the competition with Somos® PerFORM.

3D printing transforms speed, cost and quality of rapid prototyping

MGS and Realize cut prototyping time from 15 to five days, cut costs by up to 30% and improved new product development.

World-leading marine engine manufacturer improves performance for competitive edge

Mercury Marine enhanced its engine development program using stereolithography 3D printing.

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