Somos® ProtoGen 18420

An easy-to-print photopolymer that produces accurate parts which resist well to chemicals, high temperatures and humidity.

Easy-to-print for a variety of applications

Covestro's Somos® ProtoGen 18420 is an easy-to-print, ABS-like, photopolymer that produces accurate parts ideal for general purpose applications. It offers superior chemical resistance, a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to a broad range of temperatures and humidity, both during and after the build.


  • Medical, electronic, aerospace, automotive market applications
  • Applications that demand RTV patterns
  • Durable concept models
  • High-temperature fluid flow analysis
  • Functional prototypes requiring heat and humidity resistance
  • High-detail parts
  • Low volume connectors and harnesses for electronics

Product Features

  • Tune the properties of the part to fit your application needs 
  • Fast, easy processing & finishing 
  • Highly accurate

How customers use our material

Printing a 12-foot sculpture with intricate details

When Oakley requested a sculpture be made for Covent Garden, they turned to Dinsmore to 3D print a 12-foot sculpture of an angel. 

Rapid prototyping used to create model of Chicago’s skyline

Covestro 3D printed a large-scale model of the city of Chicago on display at the Chicago Architecture Center.

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