Somos® WaterShed Black

Eliminates the need for painting.  And prints 50% faster than alternatives. 

Prints 50% faster than alternatives. True black off the machine

Somos® WaterShed Black provides a solution to build rigid, tough parts, while eliminating the need for painting or coating. With similar properties and processing as Somos® WaterShed XC 11122, this multipurpose resin provides the same benefits in a black stereolithography material. Somos® WaterShed Black boasts faster processing times and eliminates the need for painting or coating - a true time and resource saver.

With its improved formulation, Somos® WaterShed Black has up to 50% faster processing speed than alternative black resins, offering minimal finishing and more consistent processing over time. It offers a truer black color off the machine vs. others currently available resins. This material also has a smooth surface finish, as well as superior moisture and chemical resistance.


  • Durable, stiff, tough parts
  • Automotive components
  • Packaging
  • Functional prototypes and end use parts


Product Features

  • Up to 50% faster processing speed than alternative black resins
  • Truer black color off the machine
  • Ease-of-use and fast processing with minimal finishing, more consistent processing over time
  • Based on proven technology of Somos® WaterShed XC 111222
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Superior moisture and chemical resistance

How customers use our material

Artist uses 3D printing to replicate beauty of fine art sculpture

Figuration Studio used a black additive manufacturing material, Somos® WaterShed Black, to capture the intricate detail of a sculpture and reproduce it in multiple sizes.

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